Jim has helped hundreds of people through large, complex cases. Some highlights of recent personal injury case results appear below. We also put together a Personal Injury Case FAQ based on the most common questions we receive during our free consultation. Every case is unique, as are the results. No one can guarantee results. However, Jim has the experience and skill to help you through the most challenging circumstances.

Burn Injury – A lady was badly scalded while attempting to take a bath at a resort.

SETTLEMENT – $9,500,000

Slip and Fall – A gentleman slipped on a wet floor and suffered a brain injury. He was unable to return to work.

JURY VERDICT – $7,500,000

Auto v. Pedestrian – A boy suffered a serious brain injury when he was hit by a truck as he ran across a busy street. He needs careful supervision.

SETTLEMENT – $4,500,000

Trucking Collision – A gentleman suffered a serious brain injury in a collision with a tractor-trailer. He was unable to return to work and needs close supervision. In addition to the settlement, the gentleman kept his rights to lifetime medical care through workers compensation.

SETTLEMENT – $2,750,000

Motorcycle Collision – A gentleman suffered serious orthopedic and internal injuries when a truck turned left in front of him. He made a nice recovery.

SETTLEMENT – $2,250,000

Burn Injury – A lady was badly scalded when a hot water pipe burst at her son’s apartment.

SETTLEMENT – $2,000,000

Auto Collision – A lady suffered multiple broken bones in an auto collision caused by a dangerous condition of the roadway through a construction zone.

SETTLEMENT – $1,190,000

Slip & Fall – A lady suffered a cervical disk injury when she slipped and fell on a recently stained and slippery floor at an outdoor shopping mall.

SETTLEMENT – $1,100,000

Auto Collision – A young gentleman suffered a badly broken ankle when he hit a stalled car on the freeway. The injury impacted his military career.

JURY VERDICT – $1,700,000

Financial Elder Abuse / Fraud – A gentleman was defrauded out of the full value of his property by his real estate agent, who also represented the buyer.

JURY VERDICT – $1,250,000

School Sexual Abuse – A young lady was seduced by her high school teacher. The teacher’s co-worker’s failed to report their suspicions about the affair.

JURY VERDICT – $1,250,000

Boating Injury – A lady suffered fractured vertebrae when the boat she was riding in hit a rogue wave. The injury required two surgeries.

SETTLEMENT – $1,000,000

Wrongful death – A gentleman was tragically killed when metal at a salvage yard fell on him.


Sexual Harassment / Voyeurism – Two female law enforcement officers suffered serious emotional distress when their supervisor secretly video recorded them in the bathroom.

JUDGMENT – $11,500,000 / PARTIAL SETTLEMENT – $1,000,000

Trip and Fall – A gentleman suffered a serious spinal cord injury when he tripped on a floor mat outside of a business.

SETTLEMENT – $2,000,000

Auto Collision – A gentleman suffered a serious brain injury when his car was struck from behind by a city truck.

SETTLEMENT – $2,900,000