What You Should Know about Compensation for Victims of Elevated Falls

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A fall from an elevated space such as a roof, balcony, window, bridge or scaffold is not something anyone wants to suffer.  Injuries from such falls are typically much worse than single-level slip and falls.  Injuries from elevated falls often include traumatic brain injury, broken bones, neck and spine injuries, internal organ damage, paralysis, permanent […]

Social Host Liability

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It’s no secret that high school and college age kids have parties, and that alcohol is often served at these parties.  As such, parents may wonder what happens if their son or daughter throws a party at their house and alcohol is present.  Could the parents be exposed to social host liability?  California absolves social […]

E-bike Accidents


San Diego has seen a surge of electric bikes on the streets and sidewalks. Electric bikes are different from regular bicycles in that they have a motor, battery to power the motor, drive train to integrate the motor, and a throttle to control power. E-bikes can achieve high acceleration and reach speeds of 25 mph […]

Cyclist Safety in San Diego

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More people are driving distracted today than ever because of the use of cell phones.  This makes the roadways particularly dangerous for cyclists.  The most dangerous intersections in San Diego (based on number of accidents) do not have bike lanes.  As such, many neighborhoods in San Diego (such as North Park and Encinitas) are adding […]

Swimming Pool Safety in California

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Even a momentary lapse in judgment can result in drowning or other serious injury when at or near a swimming pool.  As such, California imposes a variety of rules known as the Swimming Pool Safety Act on the owners of swimming pools.  The Swimming Pool Safety Act sets out the rules that pool owners must […]