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Can I Sue for My Tattoo Removal Injury?


Laser tattoo removal is expensive and painful.  When you agree to have a tattoo removed, you do so under the impression that the tattoo will be removed by a professional with sufficient training and skill and that they will carry out the process safely.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  If the tattoo removal […]

What You Should Know about Compensation for Victims of Elevated Falls

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A fall from an elevated space such as a roof, balcony, window, bridge or scaffold is not something anyone wants to suffer.  Injuries from such falls are typically much worse than single-level slip and falls.  Injuries from elevated falls often include traumatic brain injury, broken bones, neck and spine injuries, internal organ damage, paralysis, permanent […]

Pedestrian Accident


A pedestrian accident frequently leads to catastrophic injuries.  Smartphones, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and other smart technologies endanger pedestrians because they distract drivers. Distracted drivers are less focused and pose a greater risk of hitting a pedestrian. Pedestrian Safety Laws Crosswalks and Right-of-Way The law provides that pedestrians have the right-of-way in a crosswalk.  This […]

Social Host Liability

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It’s no secret that high school and college age kids have parties, and that alcohol is often served at these parties.  As such, parents may wonder what happens if their son or daughter throws a party at their house and alcohol is present.  Could the parents be exposed to social host liability?  California absolves social […]

Drone Liability


More people than ever are using drones as they become better built and more affordable. Drones are commonly used by recreational flyers for aerial photography and racing. Drone photography enables amateur photographers to create striking aerial photos and videos without the need for professional training or equipment. Drone racing has become so popular that there […]