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Personal Injury Case FAQ

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Personal injury lawsuits typically proceed through distinct steps, which begin at the time of the injury.  The terminology and procedure, however, can seem confusing to those without experience in the courtroom. So for that reason, we put together a Personal Injury Case FAQ based on the most common questions we receive during our free consultation. […]

Self-Driving Car Accidents in San Diego


Many vehicles on the road today have driver assistance technologies somewhere between simple proximity alerts to full self-driving capability.  Self-driving capability is still in development, but companies like Cruise and Waymo are already using driverless cars on California roads.  What is a self-driving car? Self-driving cars are computerized vehicles that drive with different degrees of […]

11 Insurance Company Dirty Tricks


If you get injured in an accident, the insurance company’s goal is not to offer a fair settlement.  They aim to settle your case quickly for as little money as possible.  Regardless of your suffering, they will leave you with nothing if they can.  The insurance companies often resort to unfair and underhanded tactics to […]

Can you sue for revenge porn?


It is a severe crime to post sexually explicit photos of someone without their consent.  Perpetrators of revenge porn face civil liability plus jail time and fines.  Thus, victims can sue perpetrators for money and other damages for their pain and suffering.  If the victim is a minor, the perpetrator may face further charges for […]

E-Bike and E-Scooter Battery Fires

, ebike-fires

E-bikes operate like regular bicycles except that a rechargeable battery motorizes them.   E-scooters are motorized scooters that, like e-bikes, are powered by rechargeable batteries.  E-bikes and e-scooters are a great way to commute, exercise, save money, have fun, and avoid traffic and parking hassles.  As such, e-bike and e-scooter use has grown exponentially in recent […]

How Much Does a Personal Injury Case Cost?


A personal injury case should not cost you anything. If you hire us, you pay nothing unless we win.  You pay us a percentage if you recover money through a settlement or verdict.  This arrangement is called a contingency fee agreement. Not all agreements are the same, however. Contingency Fee Agreements: What to Know Contingency fees […]