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Cyclist Safety in San Diego

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More people are driving distracted today than ever because of the use of cell phones.  This makes the roadways particularly dangerous for cyclists.  The most dangerous intersections in San Diego (based on number of accidents) do not have bike lanes.  As such, many neighborhoods in San Diego (such as North Park and Encinitas) are adding […]

Safety Issues in the Trucking Industry


Truck driving is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.  There are numerous safety issues in the trucking industry. The biggest danger facing truck drivers is driving distracted or tired.  Truck drivers are paid by the mile and are subject to tight deadlines, which gives them incentive to continue driving while tired […]

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?


If you were injured in an accident, you are likely evaluating your legal options and wondering if you will be compensated for your injuries.  The first step is to determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim.  There are essentially three components to a valid personal injury claim: You suffered harm, It was the […]

The Real Effects of Illegal Cannabis Dispensaries on Neighborhood Crime


What Is an Illegal Dispensary? California cannabis dispensaries are required to meet state and local licensing requirements to operate legally.  Not all cannabis dispensaries meet these requirements and are thereby operating illegally.  Illegal dispensaries typically do not have access to banks or electronic payment systems (such as credit or debit cards).  As such, they deal […]

What to Do If You Were Injured in an Uber Accident


If you were injured in an Uber accident, you may be wondering what to do next.  Here are some practical steps to follow to preserve your legal rights: Take photos of the accident and all vehicles involved. Call the police and obtain a police report. Record the ID and contact information of all persons involved […]