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The goal of an insurance company is not to reach a fair settlement. It’s to settle the case as quickly as possible, for as little as possible. You need a specialized lawyer to get fair compensation. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney before you talk to the insurance company. Do not delay, as you may lose valuable legal rights by doing so. You may be able to recover for medical costs, surgeries and rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of love or enjoyment of life, punitive damages and emotional pain and suffering.


Common causes of motorcycle accidents include speeding, distracted driving from texting and talking on the phone, bad road surfaces, drunk driving, traffic congestion, internal car distractions like children and pets, other driver’s behavior, running red lights and stop signs. We have decades of experience and a proven track record in cases involving these issues, and others. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries, and we are qualified to take on high-stakes, catastrophic cases such as brain injuries, back injuries and spinal injuries.

SETTLEMENT – $2,250,000: Motorcycle Collision – A gentleman suffered serious orthopedic and internal injuries when a truck turned left in front of him. He made a nice recovery.

Experience matters. Your case will receive personalized, one-on-one attention from one of the top motorcycle accident lawyers in San Diego. We have the experience, skills and resources necessary to achieve the best possible resolution for your case.


If our clients are not offered the compensation they deserve, we are not afraid to take a case to trial to secure the appropriate damages. We focus on building the best case possible so you can focus on your recovery. We have achieved great results for our clients with compassion and zealous advocacy. Our clients have direct communication with the top attorneys in the city from the beginning their case until the end. Bigger law firms farm their work out to less experienced lawyers, meaning clients have little or no interaction with the attorney they hired. Our clients have direct communication with the top attorneys in our field.


Achieving the best possible results for our clients is our top priority. Dealing with legal issues while recovering can be stressful. We are here to help you achieve peace of mind about the legal issues, so you can focus on your health. Here is what our clients say about us on AVVO*:

Treated Me Like Family

“Words can’t explain how happy I am, once again thank you for everything you did for me. You’re absolutely the best lawyer anyone could ever want and need, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Hope I can see you one more time and shake your hand and thank you in person.” I sent that to Mr. Iagmin a couple of days after we find out the case was ready to be settled. Every single word of that is true, I couldn’t ask for a better experience treated me like I was family as he told me from the very beginning. Always was in contact with me even when it was a waiting game he would call and just see how things were going and how I was. Absolutely going to miss talking to him but he reassured me that he will always be there if I needed anything whatsoever. I would highly recommend him to anyone he will treat you like family. Thank you again Mr. Iagmin for everything.” – Michael

Honest Attorneys Do Exist

“Jim did a great job. Even though the police report was against us, Jim got the maximum recovery possible. I highly recommend him.” – Brian


We have earned an outstanding reputation amongst our peers. This is what other lawyers say about us on AVVO*:

“Anyone who hires Jim is in great hands. He is an outstanding attorney and also a very good guy.” – Edward Signaigo, Fellow Lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer. James is one of the best civil trial attorneys in San Diego.” – Michael Fremont, Fellow Lawyer

“An extremely motivated, honest, caring, and intelligent attorney who works hard for the clients rights. He keeps up with the law by attending law seminars on a regular basis. I wholeheartedly recommend this attorney.” – James Dicks, Fellow Lawyer

“James (I know him as Jim) is a tremendously skilled lawyer and partner at one of the best personal injury law firms in San Diego and California. He is a slight man with a warm heart but is absolutely dogged in his determination and support of his clients. He is a strong advocate and fights hard for his clients.” – Ross Jurewitz, Fellow Lawyer

“I have known Mr. Iagmin since 1999 and have followed his career regularly since. He is one of the most well-rounded personal injury litigators in Southern California with in-depth knowledge not only of the law, but the underlying factors that can complicate injuries cases such as insurance coverage, indemnity, and apportionment. I highly endorse him.” – Steven Gnau, Fellow Lawyer

“Jim Iagmin has a well-deserved reputation for not only obtaining outstanding results for his clients, but also for being an extremely hardworking, smart and effective trial attorney. His commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics goes unsurpassed. These are not only my views, but the views of the broader San Diego legal community which has recognized Jim’s unique talents several times in awarding him various honors and awards — all of which he deserves.

His focus on representation in the area of personal injury exclusively has served his clients well in the past, and any future client will be equally well served by this outstanding attorney. I know that he has obtained truly amazing jury verdicts and settlements for his clients, and I would not hesitate a moment to refer a close friend or family member to Jim to handle any personal injury matter.” -Gregory Cartwright, Fellow Lawyer


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